Millie Hinkle

Millie Hinkle

Millie Hinkle began writing mainly technical and expository material. She earned a graduate degree when she was sixty-seven. She loves to write biographies of seemingly ordinary people because she feels there is an important, unexplored story within each person. Currently in progress is 26 Bible Stories You May Not Know. Each chapter is a biographical slice-of-life glimpse into the life of one character. Publication is scheduled for early 2017.

She is also refining her skills in writing fiction with a five-generation saga exploring a specific family and how their dynamics affect each following generation.

Millie has become an enthusiastic and proficient line editor after editing two books. She is currently editing a book length novel being written in Sweden, as well as editing a children’s book, Jeremy and the Magic Jelly Bean. She is currently accepting smaller works.

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