Robert Louis Covington

Robert Louis Covington

Robert L Covington became a resident of California in 1990, after leaving Washington, D.C. where he worked for the US Treasury Department for thirty-two years, following four years in the United States Air Force. After retirement he completed a course given by the Writers Institute that revived a childhood interest in poetry. In 2014 he published “Poetizing with the Divine” and is currently working on his life story. He writes to honor God, life, and mother, a fan of Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Bob lives in the Inland Empire with his bride of sixty-one years, Cynthia.

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Poetising With the Divine

Laugh, Listen, Love

Opt for joy O child, laugh a lifelong while
Though not your day-by-day way and style
Nor will it hurt to exert an assuaging smile
If your situation or someone’s veers afoul
Your effort may be the expressive event
To spice up downtrodden temperament

A doorbell or phone ringing at tiring times
Interrupting your already crammed mind
May be opportunity for a kindhearted ear
To somebody melancholic, lacking cheer
Upset dies away by way of keen attention
Midst calm countenance when you listen

Spare not inherent love, sensitivity inborn
For dispensing in conditions grown forlorn
Love lives afar of starry-eyed relationships
To liven others, you befell well equipped
Brimming love aplenty, plethora each day
Not to lie languid but liberally given away


Words may make one dance
Left certain or gazing askance

They may inspire joyful leap
Imbue woe or make one weep

Make someone ascend or fall
Words, a vast and arty windfall

Bob’s Quotations
“Search within to see why you are without”
“Knowledge empowers; fear

“The Lord wholly enables
what makes you able”

“No matter how bad you may look,
someone perceives your beauty”

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