Sharon White

Sharon White

S.J. White is the pen name of a California writer and also uses the pen name Sharon de Whyte, but there are no titles under that name as of yet She grew up in Oklahoma, but joined her mother in California when she was 20 years old. Her father’s ancestry was English, Scottish and Cherokee Indian. Her mother’s ancestry was of English, Scottish and German. Both of her parents worked for the government until they retired. Sharon walked in their footsteps when she accepted a post at the Southern California Branch of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Her parents ancestry and working for NARA sparked her interest in history. She received a degree in History from California State University at Fullerton, but her education wasn’t finished. She received a Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies at Riverside Community College. She considered for a time going on to Law School, but changed her mind. She also received a Certificate in Professional Screenwriting from UCLA.

It was only a couple of years ago, after a trip to Scotland, that she found her genre in Historical Romance. Occasionally, she inserts one of her own ancestors into one of her novels. Lately, she has expanded her writer’s chops by trying to write a romantic fantasy and another in magical realism.

She belongs to several writers organizations; Riverside Writers Group, Inland Scribes, and the California Writer’s Club.

Sharon lives in Southern California with her pint-sized dog, Heather.

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