Assunta Maria Vickers

Assunta Maria

Assunta has been honored by publication two years in a row, in the California Writers Club Annual Literary Review: 2016 Early Indoctrination into Science (Silence), and 2017 A Labor Day In 1992. A retired Public Health Nurse, a mom, a grandmother, and a survivor of life on many levels, Assunta uses writing as a way to process her journey. Her adult life has been greatly enriched by hosting visitors from all over the world in her own home for the past 32 years. She is a world traveler as well, having discovered the joy of seeing the USA from her sleeper-car train window, among many other unique adventures. Assunta hosts (the late Wanda Wolfs original) Writers Circle, in recent years in her own home in Riverside, CA. She gives the credit for all of her triumphs, talents and accomplishments to her Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

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